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The mission of Adult Literacy Jackson is to mobilize local agencies & volunteers in a literacy campaign resulting in credentialed, civic-minded adults trained for high-wage, high-demand jobs in Jackson County.

Literacy is a lifestyle.



Years Serving 
Jackson County


Students Served Each
Year with Lanier Tech


Cost of A Single
Student's GED Tests

(plus up to $100 in practice tests)


 In 1990, Governor Zell Miller launched the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) to combat the problems caused by low adult literacy levels. Improved literacy rates help the state attract new businesses and increase self-sufficiency among all residents.  CLCPs are not necessarily service providers, but rather umbrella organizations that bring together a network of volunteers

and all sectors of the community to meet local literacy needs. 

CLCPs are about economic development, workplace skills, parents able to help their children with their homework, adults able to understand and follow prescription medicine directions for themselves and their children, individuals being able to read a map or road sign, immigrants acquiring English language skills and anyone acquiring computer skills. CLCP is about lifelong learning and acquiring a new skill at any point in life. Technical colleges, workforce investment programs, and school systems

are part of this effort but could not accomplish these things on their own.

To qualify as a participant in the CLCP program, Jackson County is required to set a goal of reducing its functional illiteracy rate by 50% within ten years. As a CLCP member organization, Adult Literacy Jackson is responsible for securing local community support and other sources of funding; implementing a variety of literacy programs; and executing successful strategies to help residents achieve educational and employment goals.


Most CLCPs are non-profit organizations whose main mission is to improve adult literacy, and must build relationships with local literacy providers to map out the best use of resources already available. They must acquire additional resources to coordinate community support, robust volunteer programs and reliable program funding.  As a CLCP, we are always on the lookout for ways to provide wrap-around services to support our students in the areas they need additional help.

FOR EXAMPLE: Adult Literacy Jackson works with all the local agencies providing other services that can help eliminate barriers to student success.  Say, Mr. Butler is working with a student who cannot pass the exam because he or she cannot read the computer screen ever since s/he broke her glasses and is no longer working. Since they’re not working, the student cannot pay for exams, either. So Adult Literacy Jackson provides all practice tests (OPTs) and exam fees. Family Connection helps pay for new glasses at Walmart before the next exam is scheduled. We might later ask around the community

to see if there’s a way to help get the car fixed for a reasonable discounted fee.

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